Statement Large Mystery Capsule

Statement Large Mystery Capsule

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Statement Mystery Capsule

There is a prize in each mystery crystal capsules. Purchase the number of desired Capsule Confetti, the more you buy the cheaper it is per Crystal capsule.

List of some of the items you can receive:

Crystal Towers / points

Crystal Hearts / Crystal Moons

Crystal Carvings - Can be Skulls, Turtles, Snails, Goddess Bodies and many many more...

Crystal Free forms

Mini Bowls

Mini Carvings

Mini Crystal Mushrooms

Candles with crystals

Crystal Spheres

Druzy Amethyst Cluster

Rough Crystals / Raw crystals

Crystal Star and Crystal Moon bundle


Palm stones / Flat stones




Each capsules confetti are a surprise so I can't guarantee that you will receive any particular item and duplicates are possible ( If I judge that you got too many duplicates I will re-pick, but sometime I will keep the duplicates because you can have a different stone or version). I don't know what's in the mystery crystal capsule until we open it.


No refunds or exchange !